Sugar: Worse for Your Liver Than Alcohol?

Joseph Mercola explains how sugar, fructose, and artificial sweeteners can make you flabby and sick.
... While total calorie consumption has contributed to increases in diabetes rates around the world, they don't explain the whole story. In 1985, the year I finished my residency and started in private practice, the average number of calories consumed per day for the global population was 2,655.

At the time, 0.62 percent of the global population had diabetes.

By 2010, the average daily caloric intake had risen to 2,866 – an eight percent increase – but surprisingly, the diabetes rate rose by a whopping 727 percent, to 5.13 percent of the total global population.

When scientists dug deeper to determine what it is that people are eating that's contributing most to the global crisis in obesity and obesity-related diseases, they discovered that a calorie isn't just a calorie.

The source of the calories you consume makes all the difference in the world. They discovered that it's the increase in total fats and carbohydrates specifically that's causing the massive weight gain in people around the world. What's more, there's just ONE food on Earth that, because of its unique composition, metabolizes in your body as both fat and carbohydrate – and that product is sugar. Read more

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