Pain Management

I'm always a few months behind with news from Time Magazine. Basically when the parents-in-law have finished with their copy, they stack them up for a few months, then send them over to my house as light reading. So I've only just got around to reading the Feb 28 article on The Right and Wrong Way to Treat Pain.The main message is that drug therapy is not the only solution. Chronic pain

Floatation Tanks

A cute article on Floatation Tanks in the April 24 Sunday Telegraph reassured me of a few things:- you can float if you're claustrophobic,- you can't sink,- it gets better each time, and- even fidgetty people eventually relax.Having never done one, I'm now considering it.So you float in warm, salty water. The water being at body temperature means there's little sense of where the water stops and

Whole Body Vibration

The SMH Health & Science section presented an article on Whole Body Vibration (WBV) Therapy, a new trend in health and sports treatments.Claims are that it can improve bone density, balance, incontinence and improve recovery times from injury.The theory is that the treatment triggers the body's natural response to vibration by stimulating muscles to contract, increasing blood and nutrients to

Face Exercises

Did some good research on facial exercises today, covering Facercise, FlexEffect, Face Lift by Exercise and other basic exercises. Interestingly I had been doing one of the eye exercises unknowingly, in the hope of improving my eyesight.The resulting pages have been added to Womens Health and Fitness