Lose Weight with Super-Slow Weight Training

Super-slow weight training automatically reduces injury and improves fitness, says Joseph Mercola.
... Principles of Super-Slow Weight Training

Dr. McGuff is a proponent of so-called super-slow weight training, which actually produces many of the same health- and fitness benefits as high-intensity interval training, which is a key aspect of my Peak Fitness program.

But instead of using a stationary bike or elliptical machine, you're lifting weights . These two forms of exercise may at first sound like complete opposites – super-slow versus high-intensity – but the combination of slowing down your lifts and lifting to failure turns it into a high-intensity exercise. Metabolically speaking, both forms are very similar to each other, because you're producing metabolic byproducts of that fatigue.

One such byproduct is lactic acid.

Whether you're doing high-intensity interval training on an elliptical or doing super-slow weight lifting, the lactic acid produced generates a cascade of metabolic adaptations that improve your muscle strength and fitness level. Read more

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