Breast Cancer and The Pill

Professor John Hopper of the University of Melbourne's Centre for Genetic Engineering says that research shows the lifetime risk of breast cancer for women thought to have inherited the high risk BRCA1 gene was reduced from 40-80% to 10-20% if they used oral contraceptives.A similar reduction in risk of ovarian cancer is already known.Similar results were found in Australia, Canda and the US, in

Live longer - exercise and quit smoking

The Australian Longitudinal Study on Womens Health has been studying over 40,000 women for 10 years. A surprisingly higher percentage of the oldest group has died than would have been statistically expected.The biggest killers were heart disease and cancer - with digestive cancers, lung cancer and breast cancer the most prevalent, in that order.The study did show strong benefits from stopping


Apparently more people are using magnets to heal chronic illnesses, relieve pain, increase metabolism, reduce stress and nerves.Queen Cleopatra is said to have worn a magnetic lodestone on her forehead for beauty and anti-ageing. The red dot that some Indian women wear was originally made with a magnetic powder, reducing stress and tension, and aiding beauty. Placing a tiny magnet on your body or

An Introduction

Well hello.This new blog is a companion site to my new main Womens Health and Fitness site, which at present, will remain unnamed, until it has enough decent content to be revealed to the world.(And also because it will be an exercise in Search Engine Optimisation, seeing how long it takes to get a decent profile in Womens Health and Fitness from scratch, and whether there are benefits in having