Meditation for Kids

An excellent article in the SMH on the benefits of meditation and yoga for kids with regards to stress, concentration, sleep, memory and focus.A picture of healthy teenage rugby players banishes the idea that yoga and meditation are for wimps. These teenage boys enjoyed the benefits of mindfulness meditation as a practical tool to overcome anxieties and focus on the present, so that instead of

2005 Australian Womens Health Diary

The Australian Womens Health Diary is now available for sale in newsagents, most Woolworths and Safeways stores, or by phone at 1800 423 444. Cost is $12.95 or $15.95 if you order by phone. The diary is produced by The Australian Women’s Weekly each year to raise funding for the Breast Cancer Institute of Australia, and has raised more than $2 million to support breast cancer research programs

Dieting with the stars

Womens' magazines in Australia always have a mix of celebrities, diets, health, beauty, gossip, recipes, and if you're lucky, something educational and inspiring. As a sample, in the current Women's Day, there are diet tips from three different stars. 1. Halle Berry is said to be on the Fat Flush Plan, to keep her body looking fabulous. This low-carb detox plan concentrates on lean meat, good

Beer and Steak - the Australian healthy diet

Finally, Australians are being advised that a beer and steak are good for you.Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, Associate Professor at the Sydney University Human Nutrition Unit (which produces an authoritive listing of the glycemic index of foods), and the author of The New Glucose Revolution (available from Seekbooks) announced yesterday that having a pre-dinner drink, such as beer, wine or