Type 2 Diabetes - Smart Eating Out Tips For Diabetics!

Everyone enjoys going out to a restaurant with friends and family to have a good meal. That enjoyment shouldn't stop just because you have diabetes. However, you will need to take precautions so you don't suffer as a result. Here are some great tips to help you...

The first, and probably the most important rule is never to reduce your caloric intake through the day so you can have a feast when you go out. You need your regular food intake and calories spread throughout the day so you don't have a major sugar spike or drop.

1. Try a fine dining restaurant. They serve great quality food but in smaller amounts. Then you're not overindulging but you can still enjoy something different, as long as it's healthy.

2. Go out with people who are also conscious about what they eat. It's usually easier to dine with people who have similar goals because you won't feel uncomfortable when ordering your food.

3. Have a healthy snack before you go to the restaurant so you're not starving. Then you will make a better meal choice and you won't need to stuff yourself with food to feel better.

4. After arriving at the restaurant, go to the bathroom and wander around the restaurant on your way there and back, so you can see what other people have ordered. That can help you decide on what to order and what to avoid because you will have seen the meal sizes as well as the food content.

5. Drink a glass of water before each course. That will partly fill you so you won't have to eat as much. You can usually order a carafe for the table so everyone can enjoy it. Don't have soft drinks and be wary if ordering alcohol, especially if your blood sugar is very erratic.

6. Try a clear soup or a salad instead of dips and bread. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the food. What sauces/dressings are available? How is the food cooked? Request your preferences as most chefs can accommodate them. Avoid fried food. Have sauces served on the side instead of all over your food. Get steamed vegetables.

7. You don't always have to order a meal just for yourself. If you're with a few people, you may decide you will each order a meal and share. This way you can have a little of a few dishes without over-indulging. It will also help you decide what to order if you go there again.

8. When it comes to dessert time, share. A few mouthfuls of a yummy dessert is often enough to satisfy your craving, but many desserts are too big to consume on your own. By sharing, you're eating less and you still get to enjoy something different without paying for it.

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