5 Herbs That Increase Testosterone Naturally

Low testosterone in men can cause many serious side effects, including weight gain, bone loss, depression, muscle loss, gynecomastia (breast enlargement), decreased libido, and decreased energy and mental concentration. After age 30, most men begin to experience a gradual decline in testosterone. There are natural herbs that can help to increase endogenous (in the body) production of testosterone and prevent the symptoms of male hormone decline. The top five herbs that increase testosterone are:

1) Ginseng

Ginseng has been used throughout the ages for virility and stamina. It has also been found to be effective in increasing testosterone levels.

2) Horny Goat Weed

Clinical trials have shown that horny goat weed is capable of acting as a herb that increases testosterone levels. In addition, horny goat weed also improves the circulation of these hormones around the body.

3) Muncuna Pruriens

Muncuna is one of the many herbs that increase testosterone by the seed of the plant having an anabolic effect on testosterone levels.

4) Tongkat Ali

Clinical trials have shown that tongkat ali is a herb capable of increasing testosterone levels.

5) Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus has a long history of use in the Far East, but has recently been used by the West in order to enhance physical performance and sex drive. Tribulus functions as an herb that increases testosterone through its steroid saponins known as: terrestrinins.

Low testosterone robs men of sex, energy, and pleasure. Increasing testosterone in the blood can restore health and reverse the signs of aging, thereby reducing many of the side effects, for mood, memory, and muscle.

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